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Up and Coming Events

Keep a Look out for local craft events, Hedge Witch Emporium will be attending many venues with the pop up stall throughout the year...Come along, sample some goods & say Hi!

Customer testimonials coming soon...visit my Face book where there are so many wonderful reviews!

Hedge Witch OFFER!

Spend over £20 and get a a loyalty Star, for every 5 Stars you get you receive a Free Gift worth £20! 


Q: Do you offer delivery?   A: yes varying delivery services are offered,  email for a quick calculation

Q: Can I buy a sample?  A: yes, samples are relatively cheap but you must pay a small shipping fee

Q: Are all your soap products Vegan?... Yes 100% no bees wax 100% plant based.

Home grown herbs

Magical Intent

  • The aim is to bring a bit of natural magic to folk, whether you believe in it, or not.  Even if it is curiosity or definite intentions you have in mind, the end result is you will have unusual beautiful quality products.


Honest Products

  • Passionate about wellbeing, the aim is to provide you with guidance and knowledge about the beautiful products. What ever your intentions, whether it be, Magical, Spiritual or Health related. 

  • A broad based knowledge on herbal benefits is offered. Only therapy grade essential oils are used & most herbs are lovingly grown & dried at home. vegan friendly and no nasties.


Our Services

Magical Infusions


Herbal remedies have commonly been used for centuries before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. Treating and preventing medical conditions with herbs is deemed naturally safe, at most overdosing would more likely end you up with a fuzzy head then end you up in the emergency room!... 

The properties of essential oils and herbs have been  benefitting health & wellbeing since ancient times. 

Here at Hedge Witch Emporium, the aim is to incorporate as much natural goodness in to our everyday day life. I believe in the power & magic of nature. We need to bring it into our living environment, into our natural daily habits such as bathing, meditating & ritual. herbs and oils can be used  in so many beneficial ways.


The Witchy Kitchen


Based in not so sunny Cardiff , South Wales U.K. Hedge Witch Emporium was established by  Luna Wolfsbane. A practicing Green /Hedge Witch with a love for natural magic. Acquiring a Diploma in Wicca and Natural  Soap Making, lovingly incorporated the two & created some amazing Natural beauty products.  

Artistic, crafty & environmentally conscious, she also make upcycled curios and Wiccan products. All packaging is kept to a bare minimum and yet elegantly presented. 

Hand made in her Witchy Kitchen!


Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Fayre

Natural Bath potions

The Hedge Witch pop up stall at events in South Wales


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